Hardship of life makes you unbreakable

Everyone In the world faces hardship In their life. Hardship is the difficult time everyone faced. hardship starts when we born from earlyage to oldage every era certain or uncertain hardship comes. When we are  the shool we faced child level  hardship like difficult time in studies ,difficulty with classmates or sometimes with teachers.So its up to us that how we tackle these hardships
High level pupil takes these hardship as learning part not a breaking point .we found in near that those who runs from that hardships or take it like headache left their school .this habit of quit  becomes there habit of running from reality .running from hardships means running from reality.if we took patience and take proper guidience to how solve this hardship.proactive changes the word hardship into task or learning task which make them unbreakable.this initial level make them or breakthem.
Some pupil found hardships in their workplace.if they take it proactievly and make it a foundation of learning they will become strong. Personality of society
So think about it .

Your hardship makes you or breaks you.


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