23rd March 1940 Vs 23rd March 2013


On 23rd March 1940,Muslim of South Asia Set their target to achieve a independence state.With true determination , Sacrifice ,vision and  Faith only upon Almighty God.Within just Seven years  Muslim of South Asia prove that the can achieve what they set.Their Financial ,educational position against the Hindus and Britisher are poor they are not in position to move in their objective but one thing they have what the others have just dreaming that their powerful  faith in God and the true leadership.They now their leaderships on merits they are not elected on their wealth or Feudalism .They are on their merits.They also believe what decisions they will take they are right because they are on merits of nation service their priorities are whole nation not a single tribe or one corner they didn’t  ,they have just one goal to let their pupil out from this slavery life and they did.They have no big armed army behind them they have poor but lion heart Muslims who now that with their faith they make their own homeland.  

Now , 23rd March 2013 pupil who achieve their goal on 14th August 1947 are faces a new challenge,This time their enemy is hidden but they have every thing armed forces,Nuclear capability ,High educated pupil .Unfortunate they forget the real essence faith and determination.I ask you some question which i hope you will answer correctly after reading this article .

What are the reasons behind all the problem?

Why the Pupil of who make the history in past lost their real power?

Where they re gain their power again?

When it will happens?

My views,

Answer #1 : They elected the demerit or left the vacant space for wrong pupil in past election.

Answer #2: They elected the demerit or left the vacant space for wrong pupil in past election.

Answer #3: Upcoming Elections.

Answer#4:When they stop blaming and select the real pupil .They think beyond the level of thinking where they are in.

If they find no one ,Join their hands and become a wall and stop them to sit on the seats of our true reformers…………………………….

Whats your opnion


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