Allama Iqbal discovered new heights of Social living.



Sir Allama Muhammad Iqbal was well known personality of all over the world. Respectable society always virtually in contact with him through his vision. He seeks the heights of wisdom and knowledge of all time.Its great owner for the home where i live is his dreamed.

When we deep insight  to Iqbal life and poetries he always try to educated the society specially the youth where  he gave them uncountable vision which will fruitful  to all corners of life. 

In above post which i shared with you he encouraged that born a poor not a fault be a rich person is not a ultimate edge .Real thing is that your life is depend upon your abilities not the resources .The biggest source of every society is wealth and poorness is  the big drawback .But he said dont be think in that way dont surrender against false no matter you are in the state of poorness.The line of your actions is make your fame in poorness.This is the achievement of your life .



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