Youth Frustration



Frustration is common emotional response to opposition.Related with anger and disappointment.It is the result of personal will failure .It is natural emotional response you can face at any age at any time but commonly in age of Youth.

Youth Frustration is one of the biggest disaster of any society .because future is depend upon the youth if it will found frustrated, Dis hart and anger.Then this productive youth become dangerous Mop.So for any level of society they need a proper structure and planning to mobilize the youth.There always need some individuals or sectors who guide them switching there intentions into productive way.

Well,in Pakistan recently the Elections are took place.This elections are very important for the future of Pakistan.It found very productive that youth of Pakistan come forward and take part in election comping and support their Favorited Democratic parties. But it found very sad that the youth stuck their mind in elections they dont realize  that election is not the victory line it is the first step towards the change.If your Favorited are in government its good or if your Favorited are in opposition is more then good.Because the main thing to be the part of the system . Absorption is the cause ,making space is the first step .Dont stop ,dont dis hart move forward ,forward and forward,Force them to work good .Because we need a system where we work interdependently.Its not to take personal .

Please dont take this Election personal .It is for Pakistan.





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