How to change your life(Personal Research)


Majority of Pupil around the Globe would not able to give answer in positively that they are satisfied.They are suffering with problems when ever they are .They are working hard but not able to accomplish their goals.You noticed that mostly  minority person living  a life of prosperity and other wouldn’t. Hard workaholic person mostly suffers form back patches While an average person mostly found success. Majority of parents always in deep sorrow about his children progress and adopt expensive methodology for improvement but in the last they find result big Zero.Why it would happen ? The Answer is Simple they not with themselves. Every human being have hidden Powers within.Just to Need to open his mind eyes to see his powers. The ability to select correct solution.But who tells them what is correct.The answer lies within their Mind.The Power of their Subconscious .Their are two type of mind maps Conscious and unconscious .let describe what is all about: Conscious Mind: This  part of mind is your control part .Where you choose your own wills.Your everyday periodicals .Your routine at home,work market every where you use that part. Unconscious Mind: This mind is not is In your control .Like Your hart is beating Your blood circulating,You are breathing This all not in control of any human it is all working by its own .You sleep they are working until you alive So it say true when you sleep your subconscious  awake. How  your Imagination becomes Your Power. (By brain Storming) Mostly You decided that you gonna wake up at Six o clock .You Wake Up.Why?because their is force working with you.You need to find out and use it as you tool.Your Unconscious mind is the fruit of your conscious mind.If you think positively your imaginations improves and it gives you advice It talks with you insight your mind and gives new ideas.It Improve your health .Heals your Wounds. Make You mentally and physically strong.If You Imagine that you become a scientist and help the humanity .Then Your Unconscious takes you on that goal .It all about the believe system.Try it out. Your mind is your garden what you saw and what you reap.If You saw bitter and you reap bitter not the sweet.So It all about the believe that Iam able to do .Do not  waste Your time to look busy focused upon results. You now 20 percent of correct efforts bring 80 percent correct results and If you keep improving the corrections and how your results gone .Your profits uncountable.So remember your sorrow and grief is what you had choosen ,No medicine and doctor heals you until you want to heal your self.Stop worry and fearful because fear bring defeats.So be Satisfied think productively and believe you can accomplish your subconscious gives you answer. Tips for using Your Unconscious mind.

1.When you are alone How much time You can stop your mind for negative day dreaming. 2. Before start any thing wait for few second and prepare let your mind and body together .

See how it Works……….. Please Share Your Experience with me after read this.


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