Who aweken Malala Yousufzai


One pen and one paper can change the world.These lines was powerly spoken by the brave daughter of Pakistan in UN General Assembly on his 16 birthday and celebrating his first Malala day .It was historical day in the history of World. Malala belong to the nation who is seriously attack by the evil forces .Every thing is dis array .Big think tanks working day and night but haven’t cure this cancer.Whole world applied their everything .In the End of the day goal not achieved
A Tribal area of Pakistan is famous to his historical tradition and hospitality.The Pupil of tribal areas having simple and religious life style.They are so much in touch with religion.In Islam education for men and women is compulsory. like a 5 days prays. Here thing to be noticed opposes who declared the only Muslims in the world are the biggest enemy of education .source who awaken Malala form its basic humanitarian rights.
The easy and acceptable source is EDUCATION………………………………..she got education under the doom of barbarians in tribal area of Pakistan.She took not only her life with family in danger only for education because She have extra ordinary character ethics .Who not only stay herself awaken from her basic rights .She have faith upon truth and the right path.Which bring courage and wisdom in herself.The most admirable moment of her life when she shot down by evils.Her subconscious bring the energy and life.Remember Doctor dressed it God heals it.God want her to stay alive for us.She not only for children she is a role model for all peaceful nations who want to live with love and pride that not heavy armed bring peace only and only one paper and one pen(education)……….Self awareness bring the peace.